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what’s in a name?

A recent high profile re-brand has caused a bit of a flutter in the industry concerned, so with people talking about it, it must have worked, yes? Read more…

the joys(?) of cold calling

Last Thursday I blogged about a marketing company who would not stop cold calling me.

I am no stranger to cold calling; it was something that I, along with almost everyone else in sales in those days, did a lot of back in the 1970s. I did some more as recently as 2007 when trying to revive the fortunes of the business unit that I was attached to for nine months or so. Cold calling is a fact of life and it does, sometimes, work. Read more…

midweek musings on how to treat people that you’re trying to win business from

Last week I had a message that someone had called my office asking for me. They declined to give a reason for their call.

The next day they called again, and then again. I knew by now who the company was and, having looked them up on the web, knew that what they were offering was of no interest to my business, so when I got yet another message I rang them to ask them not to waste their time and money. Read more…