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This is my Monday column and I start every week with a blog to do with leadership thinking. As I often work for clients in the Facilities Management, Purchasing and Logistics sectors these topics will crop up often, but you never can be sure what you’ll find (and nor can I as I often don’t write the column until Sunday evening).

Mondays are often public holidays and much of my audience will not be at their desks, so on holiday Mondays it has become a bit of a tradition to write something light hearted, humorous or a bit of a spoof. There’s still a message there somewhere, but maybe it will be a bit obscure.

So that’s the start: If you’re interested, find out more about me at www.thatconsultantbloke.com

ThatConsultantBloke is a registered trademark. I am happy to discuss licencing if you are interested in using something similar.

Disclaimer: I am part time managing director at Gulfhaven Ltd, a business consultancy practice. You’ll find their web site at http://www.gulfhaven.co.uk I’m also to be found working for all sorts of businesses and as a volunteer for various organisations. Any views I express in these columns are my own and mine alone.

Thanks for stopping by.

  1. September 21, 2010 at 5:34 am

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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