Blog Rules

  1. The purpose of this blog is to pass on my thoughts on business and leadership topics every Monday morning at 0600 UTC+1.
  2. Mostly I will write about facilities management, purchasing, supply chain, logistics and computing as these are the specialisms that I have worked in over the years.
  3. On Mondays that are public holidays or are adjacent to public holidays the Monday blog will be a humorous or spoof one., often with a storyline involving travel backwards or forwards in time or into outer space.
  4. Occasionally I may mention political matters, but this is not intended to be a political blog. I have no political affiliations but do campaign as an independent on matters that concern me. Such campaigns will not normally appear in this blog. I have no time for the majority of the current crop of politicians, or any that has held office in the last twenty or more years.
  5. At times I will use additional blog posts to promote my own products or events or those of others that I feel deserve a wider audience.
  6. In the interests of disclosure:
    1. I did advise the Prime Minister’s office during the Blair years, but this was on operational aspects and not on political ones. My advice was, in any case, not taken.
    2. I own and operate a consultancy business through which I work directly with clients and also sub-contract to other consultancies. That business will not be promoted through posts on this blog although there is a link here in the blog links section.
  7. Please feel free to comment on this blog: Debate advances humankind and it does not matter if we do not agree.
  8. abusive comments may well be published to shame those making them, but personally I can ignore such things.
  9. Spam will be deleted.
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