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My books are all available from Amazon. All are available as Kindle format e-books and some are also available in paperback.


Please visit my Amazon book store here 


In November 2013 I started to publish ThatConsultantBloke’s Quick Guides. This is a growing series of short guides to various aspects of business aimed at helping people develop their careers by unlocking some of the secrets that I learned over 40 plus years in management. They will be available in e-book format only so that you can have them on your phone, tablet or laptop for quick and easy reference. These should appear at the rate of at least one a month initially.

My full length books available in paperback and Kindle e-book formats:

I Don’t Have My Decision Making Trousers On is a leadership toolkit covering all sorts of business lessons that I have learned over my career.

A Patient’s Progress tells stories of my six week stay in my local PFI hospital.

Making Good Things Happen covers my working life from pumping gas as a school leaver to my arrival in the board room.

plus the standard work of reference for warehousing to which I contributed two chapters:

The Principles of Warehouse Design, 3rd edition

You can buy copies of each of these books through this link: Buy My Books

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