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Technology, or Not Having Fun

OK, so I’ve been around for years. My first logistics job was loading this boat. The despatch notes were on tablets of stone and we had a hell of a job getting all those pairs of animals on board in that storm.

Technology came along though, and I’ve enthusiastically embraced things as they’ve hit the market, but when it lets you down….

Take today. Yesterday I set up two new web addresses for a project. I got the log in confirmations last night and the holding pages were in place. It was late though, so I didn’t upload the sites. I’ve learned not to do some things when I’m tired.

This morning both addresses have vanished, or are at least unavailable for access. So, having got up early to load the sites and set up the email services etc, I’m writing this.

The worst part is the lack of information; why are the sites unavailable? When will they be back? What do I tell my client?

So, at the moment, I’m not having my daily fun. It’s raining outside, the cat is bored and wants to walk all over the laptop and I haven’t had my breakfast. At least I can do something about the latter; a bowl of bitesize Shredded Wheat is very low tech, so that’s where I’m going now.

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