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it’s about the people

I’ve said elsewhere here in one of my rants that companies run on people, not staff, and I’m pained to see some of the actions that managers and leaders are taking at the moment. Yes, times are hard and tough decisions have to be made, many of which mean that people will earn less or stop earning. That’s life, but there are ways and means of doing things and, at the heart of it all, is that you have to recognise that making anything happen depends on people.

I have a passion for people; for treating them fairly and enabling them to get the best out of themselves. This is not some overnight revalation. It is the result of having experienced both sides (being a person and dealing with people). I’ve seen the good and I’ve seen the bad. I know which is the right way and, having got this off my chest, I’m going out to put some of it into practice.

Have a great day!

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