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mid week musings on blogging and plans for this site

I am in the process of taking a look at how this blog should work and to reduce the amount of time that I spend each week on keeping this and its companion web site running smoothly.

The logical step is to merge the two and I have started making changes to the web hosting in prepartion for a merger and to try to understand what the changes would make for you, my readers, and myself.

I think that there is enough evidence to show that the change will be beneficial, not least in that it will mean that I don’t have to have advertisments for products that I would probably not endorse inserted into my blog posts.

I don’t begrudge WordPress doing this; they have to make a living and they don’t charge me for hosting the blog, but to have the blog on my own web site gives me control and means that I can focus more on what appears here.

Thanks for all of your support and interest. Monday Musings will continue, supplemented by other thoughts as and when they occur. As next Monday is another holiday I am trying to come up with another frivolous, or even a spoof, post. Stand by for a little Sci-Fi perhaps.

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