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believe in yourself and make things happen

This week I was taken to task for mentioning my age. “You’re always on about how old you are; think young” my friend told me, but were they right?

Maybe I do mention my age too often, so I will try and stop myself doing that, but I certainly don’t feel that I am past it, over the hill or anything of the sort. In fact I’m more often brought up short by a body that reminds me that I’m not still eighteen. At that age I could easily walk twenty five or thirty miles in a day whereas these days about five is more comfortable.

My elder daughter has a comment on her Facebook page about age being a state of mind and I think that this is very true; the mind is a big factor in everything that we do. If we believe that we can’t do something then we just won’t do it, but believing that you can, or even just that you might, is a tremendous advantage.

This time last year I was struggling and couldn’t work out why. I had little energy and couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Was I just getting too old to cope with the road warrior lifestyle, for this time of year is industry awards judging season and I had had two or three long days out. Perhaps I did need to think about slowing down, but as it transpired it was a bunch of bacteria of the rampage in my liver and I ended up with six weeks in hospital.

Yes the first couple of weeks were written off, but once I knew that I could recover I set myself the target of doing so, nagging the physio for advice and exercise plans, writing a book and a magazine article, drafting point of sale software specification and even meeting a client at my bedside one day. I may have been in hospital because they needed to monitor my treatment, but I was getting better and, in my mind at least, that I would recover was a done deal.

Believing in yourself is the key. Don’t ignore your limitations because you you can work on them, but don’t allow them to stand in your way. I still enjoy most the days on which I have learned something new and actively seek to learn. I maybe into my seventh decade, but I am still on the trail of new things; I have broken off from work towards a project hat, if successful,  will see me make my first visit to South America later this year to work there for a few days. Excited? You bet!

No matter who you are, whatever your background, what you do or how old you are you have something to offer. Just believe in yourself and you are half way to making things happen.

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