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musings on poor procurement and management on the soccer front

Although I am not a close follower of football these days, the nonsense of making a stadium all seater in the interests of safety and then allowing everyone to stand up is enough to put me off, and then there are those ridiculous shorts! But I do keep a passing interest, and a couple of things caught my attention last week.

The first was that in the flurry of activity running into the transfer deadline that around £80 million pounds had gone on agent’s fees. There has got to be something wrong in the game if that is true for that sort of excess surely cannot be sustainable? With my buying hat on this is unacceptable. You can bang on about market forces as much as you like, but this sort of thing will only continue if the buyers allow it: Should a few of them make a stand it would be over. That a sum of that size can be expended on fees alone suggests that there is a problem with the management of the game, but the other piece of news confirmed it. That was the shocking mess that the sport’s global governors have got themselves into over the 2022 World Cup.

As I understand it the organising body have awarded the 2022 competition to Qatar, have sold the global TV rights for the traditional Summer dates and yet only just seem to have realised that it might be a bit too hot in that corner of the Middle East at that time of year. As a result they have begun to talk about a Winter tournament instead, but that would breach the TV contract.

Putting the purchasing bonnet back on this just reeks of incompetence for, whilst I know that people’s knowledge of geography is poor these days, even a complete dunderhead should be aware that the Middle East is largely inhospitable desert and there has a leaning to the warm end of the thermometer, so why did no one ask the obvious question when the bid was made?

Utter stupidity, and I have no sympathy with the TV networks either because they should have been rattling that cage as soon as Qatar was proposed as a venue. There have been enough of the media out in the Middle East covering other matters for them to have noticed that they didn’t need the fleece jackets so why didn’t they ask some pertinent questions?

Personally I don’t care; I haven’t taken much interest in the soccer world cup since they let that Argentinian dwarf cheat England a good few years ago and I’m old enough that I might not be here anymore come 2022, but there are a lot of folks who do care and they deserve better than to have this greed and incompetence in the management of the game.

That is what is so inspiring about the likes of Newport County where the fans have so much to be proud of in what they have done. Those that run the game need to be wary of the passion that sport engenders and whilst they feed off that to fuel the greed in the game now, at the end of the day that same passion could backlash. For all of us in business, especially those of us in service industries, we know that the customer is king and that they vote with their wallets. You may be able to hide greed and stupidity behind tribal colours for a while, but if you lose the loyalty of the tribe you may well lose a lot more.

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