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having fun whilst making things happen

I’ve recently spent a day in the guise of one of my alter egos, a nineteen fifties shopkeeper in the style of Ronnie Barker’s Arkwright. Unfortunately the sun didn’t shine on our Fifties/Sixties  retro event, but it didn’t stop people having fun and a good many were dressed in period costume and many of them were far too young to have been around in those times. A good time was had regardless.

My trading sideline is something that I do more from interest than anything else but, as a businessman, it also provides me with a fairly primal opportunity to practice my skills, for as both buyer and seller there is no hiding place; I get to trade one on one and if I get it wrong it’s my wallet that takes the pain. But I love the cut and thrust, and out on the pavement or at the collector’s fair with my street trader’s licence I get to interact with all sorts of people.

Doing the retro events brings another dimension though; that of bringing a smile. I don’t fully understand why these events bring so much pleasure, but for all the political correctness of modern life there seems a genuine warmth for times gone by when we were far less regulated even if they were, in many ways, much tougher than today. What I can be sure of is that the things that we stallholders have had on display have brought back a lot of fond memories for the older generation and a lot of curiosity from the younger folks.

I started typing this blog up with sore feet from being on them for eight hours and sore tonsils from having talked so much, but content from having had a good day helping to bring pleasure. At the time that this blog is published I shall be back on my feet, but this time in full captain of industry guise working with representatives from the university community of an African nation on their financial strategy. In terms of pure job satisfaction that will be hard to beat, and when I contrast the two roles that is why I think that I may be one of the luckiest chaps around; from my brown coated shopkeeper to the suited and booted business professional I surely do get to enjoy myself. On the one hand I get to help organisations and all the people that they will have contact with in the future and on the other hand I can regress into the past and help to make people smile.

Having fun whilst making things happen; that just about sums it up.

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