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is it the place or the people?

At the coffee shop the other day two ladies were enthusing about where they worked. It was nice to hear especially as it is so often that people want moan about their employers.

Facilities managers can, given the opportunity, do a lot to make the place of work appealing, but the primary factor in every organisation’s attractiveness, or lack thereof, is in its leadership. Buildings are just empty shells until you put people into them and then they come to life; the quality of that life flows from the person at the top.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have worked in some palatial accommodation, but I have also worked in more than a few tips. Many of those places have left me with memories good and bad and few of the better memories are from the better sites. The workplaces that I remember most fondly are not so much about where they were as about who I worked with and for.

Good leaders build good teams that will, despite what is going on around them, have fun. There is no doubt that to have a comfortable and well equipped place of work is enjoyable, but if the boss isn’t up to scratch it will soon lose its attraction.

I’ll take a job with a star in a shed over one with a plonker in a palace any day.

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