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missing in action

It has been an interesting year to be sure: We have seen political upheaval here in the UK (and we’re not done yet thanks to the red team), watched the fun and games over in my second home in the USA and through it all I seem to have not found much time to keep my blogging here that regular.

One reason for the lack of writing has been because I have been having an interesting year as well and have been very busy in my business ventures. Just as things have changed on the big stage they have here in TCB land too.

It is just over eight years since I hung up my corporate life and set out on the road of independence. Over that time things have often taken different directions to the ones that I had expected for the life of the solo professional presents all sorts of opportunities. I was very lucky in my career to be trained well in all sorts of things and given the chance to experience a wide range of projects.

That background has opened doors that I could not have imagined and since taking my own path I have enjoyed the variety and the challenges that have presented themselves and now I find that I have, possibly, come full circle again and am looking at a return to working in a Facilities Management environment once more.

So yes, I have been missing in action as far as my blogging has been concerned, but along the way there are a number of stories as yet unpublished and who knows, maybe being back around FM will generate a whole new series of Monday Musings. I hope so.

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