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Musings from the facilities front #1

As regular readers may have spotted I have been back in an operational FM role for a few weeks now and that is one of the reasons for my not having been writing so regularly here. That’s not to say that I haven’t been writing at all, but I just don’t seem to get the time to write the regular blogs.

So I have decided to try just jotting down thoughts as they come up and float them out there, this being the first such post; hopefully more will follow.

It being Autumn one of the problems for many of us is leaf fall and whilst that might only be a problem when the 0630 to Cannon Street (or wherever) is delayed due to leaves on the line in my case it is the dozen or so trees that decorate the landscape around the building that I am looking after.

A quick check on the wind direction will tell me which end of the site will be buried under a pile of golden offerings when I get there and we will put some effort into clearing up on a daily basis for a couple of weeks more at least.

Some of the occupants of the building ask why we bother, especially on the windier days when leaves are falling behind us as we clear, but that is a bit like saying that you won’t cut your hair or nails because they just keep growing. Daily clearance of the leaves removes a slip hazard, stops them hiding rubbish that could also be a hazard and stops them clogging up the drains and that is just for starters.

It is a job that we have to do at this time of year.


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