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Musings from the facilities front #3

Life is never dull as an FM; I have heard or read that so many times over the years. People expound about how great it is not knowing what you will face at work each day, but I do wonder if that is the best way to be working.

Certainly there are days when things get eventful; I can count a suspected gunman threatening the site, a knife wielding estranged husband in reception, a couple of fires and umpteen suspected packages amongst my personal experience and, thinking of the second one on that list, recall a colleague who had an estranged wife drive her car into reception. It all raises the pulse a bit, but these things happened over a long career and none of them took up more than a few hours.

Mother Nature had her fun with us too as did contractors who found pipes and cables in places where they shouldn’t have been and didn’t always notice until they had severed them. No matter how well-oiled your plans are for these things there is always a curve ball or two from the people that you are looking after who seem to love a good panic when it really isn’t necessary. But, again, I can’t recall any of these things that caused us more than a few hours at most of inconvenience and, if you are organised and practised, even the most mundane problem is easily handled.

So most of the days have passed with just routine things to do and perhaps could be regarded as being pretty dull. Personally I don’t mind a quiet life and prefer to be in a position where distractions, major or minor, can be quickly put to bed allowing my team and I to get on with the day job. The great attraction os the mundane is that you get time to look at what you are doing and think about way to do it better; you can risk doing it differently knowing that, if the new way isn’t better that you are still going to meet your schedule for the day.

Firefighting problems all day may be great fun, but I would rather have the time to think about heading off the problems before they start. Being more proactive than reactive is far more fun for me.


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