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So it’s been a while

After umpteen years of writing a weekly musing I have become more and more lax of late. Not that I have less to say, perhaps more because I have been saying it in other ways, face to face primarily, but also because my working life has changed somewhat substantially over the last year.

This blog has not been forgotten though, more that I have not been able to find a way of fitting regular contributions in. Through its early days I was on the road a lot and had plenty of time in hotel rooms, coffee shops, on trains, in airport lounges or on the ‘planes themselves all of which allowed time that could be filled by writing stuff that I could schedule for publishing every Monday or filed for polishing and putting on-line later.

But then a couple of different projects changed my lifestyle somewhat and one of them led to me going back, at least part time, into a proper job for the first time in years and this column was one of the casualties although I have put a few musings up on life on the front line of facilities management.

With six different things on the go I am not lacking in things to muse about here, but I need to find time to be able to write again and this is the first stage of that process. So yes, it has been a while, but I am trying a comeback on the blogging front and also have two more in my Quick Guide series to get finished off and published so watch this space.

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