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on twenty five years of America

I am back in the USA again twenty five years after my first visit and I have been here at least once a year since bar one (I missed 2016 for various reasons). Many of those visits have coincided with elections here and on this trip the mid-terms are pretty much decided, although here in Florida we have three significant posts all in the midst of recounts.

Perceptions from afar are not always reliable and it has been interesting to see that, despite the polarised views on the President, he and his party have done better than many previous incumbents on their first mid-term, the sainted Obama included.

I come here as a neutral, as I do wherever I go in the world, but my general observation is that there is a much greater feeling of energy here than there was through the last six years or so of the previous administration. Construction of new roads, housing and business premises is everywhere as are opportunities for employment.

Of course the extremes of left and right are at each other’s throats as they are back in the UK and much of the left’s ire is aimed at the President, but for the average people in the street there seems to be an ability to see past the figurehead and just relate to the traditional party lines.

The GOP have had an easy ride for the last two years to push through their political agenda so losing control of the House may slow them for the next two, but it is an odd thing here in the four year political cycle that the active part of each term is, in reality, much shorter. What happens in the first half of next year is going to be interesting. Hopefully whatever impact the slight shift in the balance of power has will not detract from the positive vibe of the last two years.

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