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on censorship

One of my circle on social media has felt some pressure to cease blogging on a certain current political topic. Thankfully she has thought it through and decided to carry on, not least because she feels it is important to express her views.

I fully support her even though we are on opposite sides of that debate, and other things for that matter, for I wholeheartedly believe in free speech. To give in to pressure on what you talk about is self-censorship and I think that that is wrong.

We need open debate and any effort to suppress an opposing view is bigotry. If we close our minds to the way other people think then we are wasting an opportunity to learn and to understand. We can agree to disagree and there is no reason why people with polar opposite views can’t establish lasting friendships.

Last week I wrote about the myth of certainty. I learned along the way that to have others challenge me helped me to develop and clarify my thinking; the last thing that I wanted was to be surrounded by sycophants telling me that I was always right.

Debate and discussion are essential to our development as people and I am against any move to censor free exchange of ideas.

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