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Dad’s Army had it right

Two of the immortal catch phrases from Dad’s Army are Corporal Jones’ “Don’t panic!” and Private Fraser’s “Doomed; we’re all doomed” and when I hear or read the news these days I often think of those characters and the circumstances that they uttered their lines.

We live in a very different world to the one that I grew up in. My parents and many of my teachers had lived through a World War and certainly all of the men had fought in it. Yes we had conflicts around the world, but here we could live a relatively peaceful life albeit with, until the 1980s, the odd twitch about nuclear armageddon. The IRA made life interesting for a while (I lost two colleagues to their actions and had a ticking parcel in my hands one day so perhaps I am entitled to be flippant here) and more recently religious terrorists have been active with devastating results, but most of us have been able to carry on with the British stoicism that we can still manage even in the multi-cultural country that we have now become.

But the current hysteria around Corvid-19 is astonishing. Panic buying and various other ridiculous reactions all out of proportion to the threat. Yes it is a nasty bug, but so far it has killed far fewer people than bog standard “flu. Road accidents have killed more and so has suicide.

Yes I am worried; I am nearly 70 and have had chest issues since I was an infant. The Berkshire Belle is somewhat older so we are both vulnerable to this invisible menace, but whilst we are bothered we are not hiding behind a personal bog roll mountain (nor a pasta one). If I am going to hide behind anything it will be black humour.

Come on the UK, get a grip. There are still people with genuine problems, not least those still flooded out, genuinely ill, poor or homeless so let us stop all of the nonsense and show this nasty little virus that we are made of sterner stuff here.

Rant over. See you tomorrow with a regular Monday Musing at 0600 sharp.

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