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the lockdown log 6

Not quite nine o’clock and I have been working for about three and a half hours now, including a quick trip to my local Waitrose for a fix on some of the things we have not enjoyed for about two months. It has been a productive morning so far.

Most of my efforts this week, aside from my part time efforts to keep this corner of Wiltshire fed, has been split between the garden and tidying up my inter web presence. My web site hosting provider has changed hands a few times and what used to be a cheap and reliable hosting plus webmail package has become an expensive nightmare. No longer can I just tweak a bit of HTML code and fire it up into cyberspace. No longer can I rely on email working either and so I took the step of combining Ione of my WordPress blogs with their web hosting package.

It has all worked pretty well apart from the hilarity of my old host emailing to tell me that they have cancelled my package and transferred it to the new one and then sending me emails about every three hours to tell me that I need to pay them or they will cancel my package. It maybe shows that I have made the right decision to move my business and I will start to migrate the others over.

I was an early adopter of the web and used it, and social media, extensively for all off my various business activities. Some did well, others less so, but I am slimming it all down now as I get older and had already cleared out nearly a dozen channels before this lockdown came along.

Whilst lockdown has not changed my life much it has almost stopped one of my businesses and I am looking seriously at the rest. Is this time to stop? For some of what I do yes it is. I will be 68 before the Covid-19 crisis really settles and by then we might be into another wave. Certainly the next ‘flu season will be about to start by then and we do not know what that will bring. Strategically I want to be ready for what the media are calling the new normal (what a stupid expression that is) and so I am considering my options.

Over the coming weeks I will put a plan together and aim to have come to a decision by the end of this month. Watch this space.

Meanwhile please stay safe and do what you are being asked to do may those in authority wherever you are.

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