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the lockdown log 7

So far the day goes well. Thursdays I have off from my part time job and so I, being an early riser, get on with more personal projects. This morning I have written a new page for the companion blog to this one and saved the draft for reviewing later and been out for my essential chores trip.

This morning it was a drive across town to Marks and Spencer. I have done this trip twice now just to buy some of the things that we enjoy eating and that I cannot get from any other shop. It makes me feel a little selfish, but an occasional treat helps to keep us happy and sane. I am very grateful for the fact that we have the wherewithal to live as we do, isolated, but reasonably content with our lot.

The other reason for a trip across town was to take advantage of the ASDA fuel station where petrol is 99.7p per litre. It is about 9 weeks since I last filled up there and that was the last time that the Berkshire Belle went out. It is a long time since I filled the car for less pounds than I bought litres and since I managed to go two months on a tankful. I can well remember a time when I would regularly fill up twice, or even thrice, a week.

As I got out of the car at the fuel pump what looked like my tom cat walked purposely past to sit by the kiosk door. It wasn’t mine, but a lovely looking cat that, according to the lady who served me, comes every day to sit with them.

It is a beautiful day for a short drive out and I came home along Swindon’s Southern by-pass, otherwise known as the M4, to be greeted by one of the cats from next door. Once inside my own two cats were so indifferent to my arrival that they both went out; that is why we love cats.

DPD have given me my first doorstep experience of the day and I now have a set of drills bits that, I hope, will enable me to drill some metalwork to finish one of the projects I have started in the garden. Our fortnightly fruit and veg box should be along later. This will me our third delivery and we have enjoyed the first two. The company are in Devizes which is about half an hour’s drive away and about half of the box will be British grown produce. We are eating well.

At my job I get to observe the need to queue a fair bit and one thing that I have noticed is that whilst social distancing is being observed people in the queue are becoming much more social. Conversations break out between strangers and there is little sign of traditional social barriers; age, sex, ethnic, class. Strangers just start talking in a way that I have rarely seen, for example, in commuting where we all lock down into our own world. Will this endure once we no longer have to queue and the environment that encourages it is lost? I don’t know, but it is a positive sign for society, even if it does turn out to be temporary.

So another week has passed. Our garden shows sign of daily improvement. We have not had the major influx of garden centre purchases that would normally be acquired between mid-April and mid-May, but some plants have arrived mail order and others from the supermarket and these, along with what we saw survive over the winter provide a steady source of delight (and work). Life is simple and we are making it work for us.

Stay safe, one and all.


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