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the lockdown log 8

Another week has passed and our routine here stays the same. On five days out of seven I potter off to work and then come home to work in the garden, house or garage and often all three, albeit I have not developed the superpower of doing all three at once.

Today is main shop day and Sainsbury’s is my target. It is somewhere that we rarely go now and this will be my first foray there since before the lockdown so I have no idea what sort of queue I will face when I turn up in about 90 minutes from now. The Berkshire Belle has provided me with a list and I will do my best to get everything on it..

Most people seem to have got into the 1 Person – 1 Trolley way of shopping, but there are a few exceptions. The idea is that more households are allowed to shop; if the store has a limit of 80 customers at a time then 80 homes can shop at once if there is one person to a trolley (cart for my US readers), but if two people come in to shop together it spoils that. If ten people are shopping as pairs then it makes a big difference.

I accept that sometimes it is necessary; vulnerable people, those with kids etc, but when I see the wife pushing the trolley and doing the shop while hubby trails along behind the selfishness disappoints me. The Berkshire Belle flatly refuses to shop. I have offered to drive her and wait in the car, but she prefers not to go so I do all of the shopping for now.

At home the projects are being knocked off without resort to going the DIY stores that have now opened. I have most of what I need lying around and the internet fills in the odd gap. As always with plans the original tactical plan has gone out of the window and I just hop about between jobs doing anything that moves me towards the overall aim. The only spoilers have been the things that suddenly need fixing; the light in the oven stops working, that handle has come loose etc. ‘Twas ever thus.

I hope that you and yours are coping. Stay well, stay safe.

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