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the lockdown log 14

Our lockdown regime continues, albeit that the Berkshire Belle will be having her hairdresser call next week for the first time since February and I can stop calling her Rapunzel.

The varied weather is not helping with any of my DIY projects and so I have found myself back at the keyboard more working on blogs and internet business. This afternoon the wind is gusting hard and my plan to be up a ladder has been postponed for example and I have contented myself with breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling. It is surprising how quickly all this stuff mounts up when you shop on-line.

Also eating onto my time is a new exercise regime. Not content with walking six or seven miles at work on five days of the week I have now added in an afternoon exercise walk. This on top of being back on a diet. It isn’t that I have been overeating (or drinking) during lockdown, more that I have been overeating for at least a year and the annual check up at the doctor’s triggered action.

It is a little ironic because we are probably eating better that ever lately with our new fish and fruit and veg box suppliers, but the damage is being done by treats and puddings so they have gone as has about 50% of my normal carb intake. I have set no targets beyond walking at least 1k every afternoon six days a week (I am allowing one day off for weather, but only one and, if weather permits, walking every day). So far this week in five days I have racked up 8.19k just in the exercise walks (my overall average over the last week is 12.3k per day).

Currently I have my head in the right place for losing weight and that is obviously good, but dieting has distracted me from some of the other things that I am trying to get done. This isolation has its benefits, but it also tends to make me less focussed and I find that I am easily distracted from what I had intended to do each day. Time management has fallen by the wayside to some degree (this blog is a day late), but much is getting done regardless. It is just that it is all a bit scattergun.

Still, this is another week done and the BB, our cats and I are still here. We are thankful for that.

Stay safe one and all.

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