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on leaving the EU

So it looks as though we are finally out of the EU and that pleases me up to a point, but this is not a time for celebration for me. Yes we have finally ended our membership of the EU, but the real work is just beginning. The important thing now is to use the opportunity that freedom from EU regulations gives us.

When people talk about the costs of EU membership they rarely account for the cost of compliance that we all bear as part of what we consume and that affect us all in our daily lives. The effect of complying with the EU’s labyrinthian rule book will take time to undo and whilst we still need compliance in terms of what we want to sell into the EU there are still opportunities for us. A good place to start is in public procurement.

The procurement regulations that we have been subject to are a supplier’s charter. They provide no real benefit to the public purse, often just the opposite and the illusion of driving down price through ensuring competition usually results in a mechanical process followed by rote. Hopefully we can replace the current process with something that allows freedom for buyers to make best use of the market.

There has been a lot of nonsense talked about us losing our biggest market. The EU is not our biggest market for everything, but we have not lost it; we will just be dealing with it on different terms (as will it with us) and I think that various significant commercial interests have lobbied hard to get the politicians to wake up and forget the dogma. Trade with other European Union countries will continue despite a change in customs status, but we can now work with the other markets that we buy and sell through on terms that suit us.

Whether it was right or wrong to leave the EU is no longer relevant. Yes it had some good things, but it also had many that were wrong, the European Council for one, and now we need to grasp the opportunity to move on or the last four years will have been wasted.

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