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News from Gulfhaven

At Gulfhaven we’ve always been market led. Everything we do for our clients is around focusing on simple service solutions that will help them to have their customers come back time after time and be happy to spend their hard earned money.
From time to time these solutions don’t always have an obvious customer benefit, but they are always about enabling everyone at the client to understand how what they do for their business supports their customers.
One of our projects at the moment is looking at how a client is managing their overheads. Overheads can be messy. They distract people from the main task and, if not well run, are a drain on profit, both of which impact on customer service.
That has led us in turn to look at ways in which we can help people with various aspects of their utilities, and we are setting up a separate focus of our business, combining expertise from the Facilities Management and Procurement areas of our business.
The new web site page is in production and will be live soon. Meanwhile we are ready, willing and able to help clients old and new in looking at their electricity, water, gas, telecoms and broadband requirements.

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