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too close for comfort

Over the last few days I’ve suffered a short-term case of partial deafness in one ear and significantly impaired ability to speak, all because a routine wisdom tooth extraction went wrong (my dentist pulled the top off the tooth and left the rest in place). The knock on effects left me with about 50% loss of hearing in one ear and a tongue so swollen that I could barely make an intelligible sound.

Whatever I call myself I am, effectively, a professional communicator. To be suddenly plunged into a world where two of my faculties have been dramatically affected has been traumatic to say the least.

Fortunately I am well on the way back to normality and looking forward to my upcoming trip to our Florida retreat, but it has given me a renewed appreciation of what it is to have all my senses working normally. My thought for today is to appreciate what you’ve got and enjoy it.

Wishing you all happy health.

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