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monday musing on sunday?

Tomorrow (Jan 25) will see my eleventh Monday Musing post and I’m quite proud of that. The original idea was that I would sit down on a Monday and write something, but work looked like it would interfere so I began to write in advance and set up scheduled publishing. Tomorrows was written today, and is the first of a different challenge.

When I began these weekly blogs (as opposed to the random postings that crop up here) it was in response to a suggestion from I guy I met at the airport lounge in JFK earlier last year. He gave me some good advice on social networks generally and which I’ve followed up on since, but it was he who suggested that I write weekly and to use a general thread, in my case teambuilding and leadership.

My new challenge is to write to a consistant length of 600 words (tomorrow’s is 599). This has come from a friend who is a former journalist and we have a bet of lunch riding on it. I have to deliver 600 words (plus or minus 10) for the next 6 weeks. If I can she is paying, if not it’s down to me.

So I shall try. I follow a number of columists and admire their ability to punch out their daily or weekly thoughts, so now it is my turn to try and emulate them. This entry doesn’t count by the way, it is the Monday morning entries that payment for our lunch will hinge on. I’m looking forward to trying.

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