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travelling in hope – scheduled posts coming up for the next two weeks

I’m off on my travels again later today heading off to work for a week and a bit on what is, at least for me, another new continent. I’ve written recently about how British expertise is in demand around and this will be my third new continent in 5 months so you can see what I mean.

As always I expect that I will be exposed to the hospitality and welcome that local people everywhere seem to want to offer strangers. Even where I have been to parts of the world where there have been local difficulties (for want of a better expression) the people that I have met has always been fine.

That also applies in places where the people are more tightly governed that I am when at home, and on this trip I have been warned that internet access will have restrictions including not just social media, but some of the business tools that I use as well. On the basis that WordPress is one of those restricted sites I have written and scheduled the next two Monday Musings so that they will be there for you to read while I am away.

Both posts are on the same subject and propose some radical action. I know that they will provoke some form of reaction, even if that is only some muttering from my friends in HR, but there is a  very serious point to the topic and it is one that I do tend to get on my soapbox about. I do hope that someone reading them will take up the cudgels and follow through in their own organisation.

I hope that you week goes well for I know that mine will as I drink in the sights, sounds and scents of a new land and culture. I am a lucky old sod.

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