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on vanishing pleasures

In a recent life log post I mentioned reading and music as two pleasures, but it got me thinking about many of the pleasures that have gone. Quite a few relate to sport.

Change is constant and there is nothing that we can do about it. The generation gap is, in itself, a crucial driver of change as each generation seeks to distance itself from their parents. Technology brings opportunities that we seize on to make our lives easier, better or whatever and so we move one.

Mother Nature also makes her presence felt. Things grow, things die, storms blow and quakes rattle. We grow old and die, assuming that we survive into old age, fr there are a lot of things out there that can kill you along the way.

I have been very lucky in my seventy years so far. Whilst I have experienced some dark times they help to highlight the good times and make me appreciate them more. I have seen and done a lot, possibly far more than my fair share of experiences and have a lot of memories of good times and bad.

There are a lot of things that I used to enjoy, but no longer do. Sports is one area that used to give me a lot of pleasure. I played cricket and football at a local, amateur, level, albeit I was not that good at either, and enjoyed watching both at a professional level. I am too old to play now and would not pay to watch either at the highest levels anymore: The modern games have left me behind.

Motor sport has gone the same way. Whilst I never competed, I did officiate and spectate a lot. I’ve watched here and in the US at the highest levels and enjoyed it, but globally motor sport leaves me cold now. Every year it moves further and further away from my area of interest. The same applies to historic racing. Nostalgia ain’t what hit sued to be as some wag put it and historic motor sport might use the cars from eras that I enjoyed, but in the modern context there is no pleasure for me. I’ve tried it and found it sadly lacking.

Golf I enjoyed laying (OK, there were moments), but I never could understand the attraction of it as a spectator sport and, as with so many other sports, spectator behaviour has become appalling. Sadly I lost a few years of golfing due to back and neck issues and, by the time that they had cleared up, life had moved on along with most of my golfing cronies. I would have been happy to have played on my own, but that is something that most courses frown on and being paired with people that I did not know, nor in most cases would have wanted to know, put me off.

I mentioned ‘pubs in a recent post, and will not go into all that again, but simply record that going to a ‘pub is no longer a pleasure. The same applies to going to the pictures. I used to really enjoy going to see a film at the cinema, but haven’t been to one in more that 30 years. In fact the Berkshire Belle and I have never been to the pictures together. W’ve been to rock concerts and the theatre together, but even those seem to have lost their appeal.

Another set of vanishing pleasures are people. There are a number of people who have given me a great deal of pleasure in knowing them and enjoying their company. Along the way we have lost touch for a variety of reasons and I hope that their lives have been as they would have wanted them. Friends can mean a lot in one’s life.

A bit of a miserable catalogue so far, but I still have the Hastings Hottie, my cats, books and music. I enjoy making noises on my collection of guitars and ukuleles, my gardening and am rediscovering model making. I may not always be happy, but I am content.

Vanishing pleasures are just a part of life and I have no regrets about losing them. They gave me experiences and memories and are part of who I am. I have moved one way and they have gone another. That’s life, and I have no regrets.

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