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on Gulfhaven

For those who do not know Gulfhaven is the limited company that the Hastings Hottie and I set up back in 2002 when we both thought that we might be made redundant and wanted a basis for going freelance. More on that below, because the important thing here is that this is one of several notices to inform those who may have an interest that Gulfhaven Ltd will cease trading at close of business today, 20th March 2023.

Covid has not been a factor in the decision, it’s just that all good things come to an end and we do not need a limited company anymore, nor any of the things that one has to do to keep HMRC and Companies House content.

Age is the thing that has brought the decision on. I am 70 and the HH is, well that’s her business, but she has not been active in the business for some years and I don’t need it. This is the end of an interesting road, but I will be glad to have put it behind us.

If you ever used us, many thanks.

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